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The blog
Seda POP blog chronicles the quest for meaningful fashion choices that reflect true style.  Both of which imply a heavy dose of personality to stand out in its surroundings and entice forward-thinking out-of-the-box action.

The blogger
I am Carolina a former fashion buyer and heavily curious girl on stuff with an impressive visual nature.  Thus, my love for fashion, handmade things, accessories, home decor, costumes, and parties.  Aside from being impressive, I believe material things have to rise to the occasion of provoking a meaningful rendition of the person who owns it.

With the birth of my son Daniel I began noticing a certain pickiness about my way of making choices.  Insert husband frowning in a loving but annoyed grin.   It even took me a while to name him, since I felt I lacked both his authorization and divine jurisdiction over naming another human begin.  So, ¨picky¨ is the symptom of a certain insecurity that took me five years and another baby for me to get a grip on.  Don´t get me wrong, I am still picky, I just don´t call it that.  I call it searching, or creating, or giving a damn.  So, this other baby is a girl named Mila, and we are all in this family ride together, meaning we all need to bear each others´ stuff so I guess they have to bear mine!  One of them being, a compulsive hyperbolic disorder where I pay too much attention to beautiful things and then ponder to an excessive degree on how to make them pretty on oneself.

I invite you to see what I see and ponder with me on how to elevate stuff to a telling expression of yourself.



  1. Caro!!! Love your sincere, so real, so you. Will be glad to follow your posts and see what you're up to girl!
    Besos, Gaby Klerian