Pick Your Poison

“You look like a tailgating college sorority girl” my husband tells me as I slide into my thongs to leave the house.   I side-glance at him with a menacing look as I cringe my eyes mysteriously.  He is wide-eyed and worried that he might have offended me while I turn towards him, raise my right hand and bow saying  “thank you very much.”

My “MIT” heather grey t-shirt (gifted not earned) and ripped shorts with a broken down football hat together with the aforementioned thong sandals, do not spell anything but.  I have no grief with the alpha, kappa, or betas of the world so I love it!  

This is basically my pledge.  To walk into an elevator, an office, the shower, anywhere is a matter of staying in character. Fashion being my guilty pleasure and costumes my drug of choice we can say there is a flare for the dramatic in this pretty little number (i.e. me).

Part attention-seeking; I guess, I don’t know, whatever dude.  Part loving the fantasy and childlike awe.

In any case, we get to pick our poison so come to terms with yours and be ready for the rush week of life.

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