Drinking and writing..

So, I have this friend...  And she has spent the last six years and a ton of money in therapy just to go and figure out all this childhood triggers and withstand Freudian regressions.  But, in all honesty, I think she just wants to get permission.  Permission to feel bad, good, to go places, be herself and unfriend people in real life and social media.  

I have tried to do my part.  I have sat down with her cause we all have one of these friends.  Don´t we? This person we have to convince of basic stuff: like her worth, cause she is AH MAZING and I hate that she forgets it sometimes.  I mean, don´t we all have bad days and good days, spend too much money on shoes; all pseudo-relatable kind of shit that make us the mixed up human we try to mask from the world?  But, you know, there´s so much I can do.

Well, back to my friend.  Lately, she´s been in a suspiciously-good mood and letting loose like I´ve never seen her before.  I want to know what happened.  Is she taking something? Is she doing someone?  Is there any other cure that I am not thinking about right now?  I take her out to lunch and sit down with her and a bottle of wine because it´s Tuesday and we have to work, wax and mom later and I must know this by Friday cause I have plans.

I make small talk for a drink and a half and then I ask her.  Straight up -what is up with you gal? She tells me she doesn´t know.  I roll my eyes and try to get it out of her with my very knowing-stare as if giving her the opportunity to confess something I already know. But, zero, nada, nothing.  

Is she being secretive and is this a lousy ending?  Sorry, but I am drunk and I don´t have anything for you except a cigar is sometimes just a cigar. 

To be continued... I hope.


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