The Diet of Winging it: Motherhood

The rite of passage that begins with the literal and ends in the figurative cutting of the cord is an enduring testament that it is not easy, immediate, nor granted.  The illusion of perfect child-rearing only leads to recreational drinking of one own´s medicine and the only way to kick the habit is by realizing that everybody is winging it.

There is a universality to motherhood that we need to connect with once again.  What began with professional conclusions based on studies and then turned into books on child rearing has reached the highly-opinionated Internet.   The cry-it-out vs co-sleeping ideals are the new the butter vs. margarine and people, armed with bad form and good intentions, are just widening the divide. 

Studies and theories come and go, but what remains the same is that a mother´s love is deep and whole and overwhelming.  We get this new life that we are supposed to keep alive and for whom we desire every inch of happiness.  But, we are human and imperfect and we will mess up every so often.  Lets allow this aspect of our humanity to also be a lesson for our kids and accept that others will make mistakes too.

I love everything the phrase "winging-it" stands for.  It´s an all inclusive, permissive, accident-prone, do-over attitude that growth requires.  It does suffer from stage fright and shies away from an audience, but art would be cerebral and serendipity would not exist if mistakes were not supposed to flourish.

Bette Middler sings it: 

You´ve got to win a little, lose a little, 
yes, and always have the blues a little.
That´s the story of, that´s the glory of love.


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