Confessions of a blogger time-out

I consider blogging fun.  It´s just that a few months into it, I allowed my life to get in the way of posting as creating content became harder.  The motivation to respond to the stats page showing that personal fashion posts were getting the most attention, narrowed my content options, which is good and bad.  Fashion is the best.  It is a creative outlet that gives me an incredible high.  But, sometimes it is hard to return the favor cause you know... right? No?  

Here is a list of instances where it´s tough for me to involve fashion:

Taking the dog to the veterinary
Taking kids to the doctor
Going to physical therapy 
Going to the supermarket
Driving kids around, or hanging out with kids in general 
Standing in line 
Online shopping

Where blogging has returned the favor is that I have learned:
Modern pen-pal-ship of the social media era
To smize http://www.wikihow.com/Smize
I prefer to write in English

Yet, I´m still stubborn with social media.  Facebook and Pinterest are ok.  I don´t get twitter.  I love Instagram, but still find some hashtags suspicious.  In fact, explanations of their benefits provoke serious attitude regressions to that of a teenager lectured on the benefits of knowing algebra.

I owe to myself to:
post the second part of the Art Bo post
document the process of dressing up 
document the process of designing dresses I get made
ok ok, grow up with the social media issue

...these resolutions shall be held against me by me -cause working out using your own weight is said to be a great muscle builder.

Oh yes! I cut my hair; a conservative Long Bob, the Lob.  Cool right?


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