Dreamy Coffee Place... java and water, perfect combo.

I shot this pic during a walk in Helsinki and I thought this place was dreamy.  All the while, the tour guide lady kept insisting that coffee is sacred to the Finns.  No matter how crude her hyperboles got we were not impressed.  Not only because we are from Panama, but because she had already left us aghast with the Finish fascination with visiting the sauna.  She attests people have weekly sauna reservations they do not miss for the world and that provide a valid excuse for missing a dinner party should there be a scheduling issue with the sauna slot.   As closing statement to her point, she attests divorce disputes get really nasty over who gets the sauna.  After that, do not give me more examples of comunal fascination with anything because it will all start to sound suspicious.

Well, she got me....

The second I learned this place was a coffee shop.

You know what this means right? Right. We are doing it all wrong in Panama.

Granted that the weather and mosquitoes might be an issue, but Citronella and a Matthew McConaughey facial mist has never hurt anyone.

Now somebody serve me coffee on the water while a big boat cruises through the canal.

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