Breaking the rules of styling.

foto by Cristina Arias

It is preposterous to attempt a how-to guide to breaking rules on anything, but the more you hear frases like, you can mix prints but mix a geometric print like lines or squares with the floral or animal prints and try to get the prints to vary in size... Then, my friends, you are being lectured on yet another "rule."

Style gurus and taste makers have a keen eye for breaking rules and then breaking the rule that constrains the exception.  But I´ve decided that there are a certain number of "permissions" that we should allow ourselves instead, which can stylistically elevate a look exponentially. 

Permission to

leave home without earrings
mix metals
mix époques
wear a broach
wear flats with evening wear
tuck in your shirts and don´t wear a belt
wear custom jewelry to a formal event
wear pants to a formal event
go without jewelry to a formal event
............................. I think I have a hangup on how some women dress to formal events and my overall hidden agenda would be for some ladies to under-do it a bit.  No, ok, a lot.    

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