Zodiac Sign Leo

Enjoying the spotlight and being proud are two very fixed characteristics of people born under the sign of Leo.  Ruled by the sun and named after the lion -I am exhausted already! Yes, be prepared for the frequent dramatic outbursts...

It all seems nice and powerful but sooner or later the arsenal will start aiming against you.  Sooner if you visit a ¨shrinker.¨  This is the slang term I use for psychologists.  Gottit right?  Today in my session,  I was stunned in the same way the mirror on the wall stupefied the evil queen.  My glorious mirror that always tells me I am the fairest one of all, attacked me with the unexpected answer.

Because Freudian mumbo jumbo calls for it, we (my shrinker and I), are exploring past experiences to capture my distress today.  

In short, I was in Pain so then came Pride.  She helped me build walls to protect me from further disappointment but Time caught me off guard.  In the end only Love conquers all (I apologize for that corny statement, but it´s true).  

Disclimer: names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.


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