Peter Pan Syndrome

I´m a bit under the weather with a serious case of Peter Pan syndrome.  It could be because I am reading a book which is a series of letters written by exemplary women to their younger self.  

Before I post this, I´ll look for the name of the book and promise to share.  It´s a great read I just think Kindle has removed the visual of the cover for us and we tend to forget the names and authors of what we are reading (notice how we is employed to share the fault). 

All tangents aside, today I caught myself listing all the things I did not do when I was younger but that I am not too late to do now.  If the impossible ones were there I´d be put away.

Also, some I have already done to certain degree, but we tend to write things we already did in To-Do-Lists just to experience the satisfaction of drawing a checkmark next to it.  We do this right?

Telling time
Anything handcraft-y
Modern dance

I will dedicate myself to checking these off just to sweat it off.

What is on your procrastinated to do list?

What I know Now: Letters to My Younger Self by Ellyn Spragins


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