The street style handbag guide

First of all you must understand that the handbag has ten commandments, no matter how swell you put you look together, no street style is complete without it.

Let me show you the things that make you go hmm...


The Man Repeller wearing Valentino

Harpers Bazaar 


To sum it all up, the handbag is:

the closing of all statements.
the cohesion of all matter.
the universal of all languages.
the breaker of all deals.
the one of all shots.
the bite of all bullets.
the attention of all marches.
the aha to all questions.
the break to all waves.
the only to all ones.

How would you fill in the blanks?

the _______ of all _______



Zodiac Sign Leo

Enjoying the spotlight and being proud are two very fixed characteristics of people born under the sign of Leo.  Ruled by the sun and named after the lion -I am exhausted already! Yes, be prepared for the frequent dramatic outbursts...

It all seems nice and powerful but sooner or later the arsenal will start aiming against you.  Sooner if you visit a ¨shrinker.¨  This is the slang term I use for psychologists.  Gottit right?  Today in my session,  I was stunned in the same way the mirror on the wall stupefied the evil queen.  My glorious mirror that always tells me I am the fairest one of all, attacked me with the unexpected answer.

Because Freudian mumbo jumbo calls for it, we (my shrinker and I), are exploring past experiences to capture my distress today.  

In short, I was in Pain so then came Pride.  She helped me build walls to protect me from further disappointment but Time caught me off guard.  In the end only Love conquers all (I apologize for that corny statement, but it´s true).  

Disclimer: names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.



Full frontal with your emotions

I have had a pretty emotional couple of weeks and my curiosity found a new pastime.  Keeping track of how people express all sort of different emotions.  Good and bad... 

Getting mad
Being really quiet
Sharing their feelings
Over-sharing their feelings
Sleeping a lot
Finding God
Finding fault

I admire most the person who lived through, shared, and gave space to their feelings.  Although I presume that even the most level-headed individual goes through most of the above mentioned scenarios...




Peter Pan Syndrome

I´m a bit under the weather with a serious case of Peter Pan syndrome.  It could be because I am reading a book which is a series of letters written by exemplary women to their younger self.  

Before I post this, I´ll look for the name of the book and promise to share.  It´s a great read I just think Kindle has removed the visual of the cover for us and we tend to forget the names and authors of what we are reading (notice how we is employed to share the fault). 

All tangents aside, today I caught myself listing all the things I did not do when I was younger but that I am not too late to do now.  If the impossible ones were there I´d be put away.

Also, some I have already done to certain degree, but we tend to write things we already did in To-Do-Lists just to experience the satisfaction of drawing a checkmark next to it.  We do this right?

Telling time
Anything handcraft-y
Modern dance

I will dedicate myself to checking these off just to sweat it off.

What is on your procrastinated to do list?

What I know Now: Letters to My Younger Self by Ellyn Spragins