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I don´t mean to state the obvious; I have two ears.  The thing is, only one of them works. The other is for decoration purposes only.  I am deaf from the right ear, yet being deaf allows me to see (as other senses get enhanced) who my “real friends” are.

For instance, they know it´s not possible for me to handle a spur of the moment secret.  Not because I am untrustworthy, but because if not whispered on the receptive side, I´ll be forced to turn around quite noticeably to inquire, "say that again?"   Off course they will not repeat "that" again  (the moment has passed).   Cute-guy-three-o´clock (as they will clarify later) was too close for comfort.  As by script, (as soon as the subject is out of range), I will make the same urgent observation they did moments ago -drooling and with all my hyperbolic gestures-, but I can immediately see it in their faces; there was a delay on my part.  Result: bunch of girls laughing at the best inside joke ever!  Nothing is more attractive than that.  

The confusion I raised in school in the middle of exams could make 24 students either panic or start giggling on cue.  A classmate would murmur a request for answer to "number seven", but I would deliver, in perfect lip mime: "all of the above" to a True and False question.  
The most embarrassing consequence of my condition is one I´m not even sure how often has happened.  It is way worse than speaking too loudly, having to lip read, not detecting sound sources, or understanding things nobody said.  

Here goes: I´ve agreeably smiled, countless times, at all east bound pick-up lines, even though I was clueless to the information delivered.  By the same token, I have received good, lame, and nasty compliments for which I`ll never know if the guy deserved my attention or a soap opera slap on the face.  
Soon enough, my friends developed a mnemonic device to avoid miss targeting a message! They have noticed that deaf ear side is marked by a second earring -true to 90s de-rigor style.  Avoid that side, and the message will be received!

Fast forward to 2014 and notice how many jewelry designers now offer a single earring for sale.  

Friends everywhere aim well!

diamond and gold cuff                    safety pin                                    crystal cuff


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