Guarded Heart.. Koons Retrospective in NYC

To what extent should our hearts be guarded?  
Its beauty must not be concealed but in this task, its frailty shall be exposed.
How many of us have missed the mark
and shown not beauty but armor.
Adorned armor.


Tourist Trap

I am a sucker for tourist traps... There, I said it.  The thing is, these spots teach you stuff about the culture -even if it is that they produce their souvenirs in China.   I try to buy authentic stuff, but even if I don´t buy anything at all, I drool over the display of colors, materials, and scenes.

Messi fan in Russia

 St Petersburg, Russia

 St Petersburg, Russia

Helsinki, Finland 

Talin, Estonia 

Talin, Estonia


Now or never...

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THE Christopher Kane sheer bandage dresses.


Northern Lights

I wanted to share with you a series of things I saw very frequently in my trip to the Baltic.  
What captivated me the most was the aesthetic of juxtaposing old and new.  Tradition and modernity -both in dress, decoration, and way of life.  

 In every magazine I picked up there were pieces of this amazing jewelry brand in the editorial section.


Retail Strategy in Copenhagen


Front door display... no merchandize but it does lure the customer inside.

On the display, an explanation of the sillyness going on.

At the dressing room and shoe departments: water bottles with a phone message from her boyfriend... Your boyfriend just called -to say that you can buy anything you want! 

Life immitating art... the art of holding a helmet with your lips.

Seriously though, this is an example of amazing retail marketing.  Pics of the sale campaign at Company´s Original Store in Copenhagen.  Making girls feel pampered and "understood" like only a best gal can.

My sins later... 



                                                                                                                   Photos Gino Rovetto

One more reason to have fabulous pj´s (to expand on a previous post) -they make great outfits and provide the deliciously deviant feeling of having pancakes for dinner.  

Imagine what you could do with these!


Drawing with Light

"You've gotta taste the light, like my friend and fellow shooter Chip Maury says. And when you see light like this, trust me, it's like a strawberry sundae with sprinkles"            -Joe McNally 



                                                                                                                   Photos Gino Rovetto

Examine your closet and consider which dressy pieces can become part of your casual ensemble.  


Look for the obviously tormented...

...pants in need of a break from the heels and the sparkly dress shirt (case in point).

...dress that wants to keep it real over jeans as a tunic.

...skirt ready to runaway with with a worn out tank top.  

Try it out! 

Life is short!

Go for it!



                                                                                                            Gino Rovetto FotografĂ­a

I don´t mean to state the obvious; I have two ears.  The thing is, only one of them works. The other is for decoration purposes only.  I am deaf from the right ear, yet being deaf allows me to see (as other senses get enhanced) who my “real friends” are.

For instance, they know it´s not possible for me to handle a spur of the moment secret.  Not because I am untrustworthy, but because if not whispered on the receptive side, I´ll be forced to turn around quite noticeably to inquire, "say that again?"   Off course they will not repeat "that" again  (the moment has passed).   Cute-guy-three-o´clock (as they will clarify later) was too close for comfort.  As by script, (as soon as the subject is out of range), I will make the same urgent observation they did moments ago -drooling and with all my hyperbolic gestures-, but I can immediately see it in their faces; there was a delay on my part.  Result: bunch of girls laughing at the best inside joke ever!  Nothing is more attractive than that.  

The confusion I raised in school in the middle of exams could make 24 students either panic or start giggling on cue.  A classmate would murmur a request for answer to "number seven", but I would deliver, in perfect lip mime: "all of the above" to a True and False question.  
The most embarrassing consequence of my condition is one I´m not even sure how often has happened.  It is way worse than speaking too loudly, having to lip read, not detecting sound sources, or understanding things nobody said.  

Here goes: I´ve agreeably smiled, countless times, at all east bound pick-up lines, even though I was clueless to the information delivered.  By the same token, I have received good, lame, and nasty compliments for which I`ll never know if the guy deserved my attention or a soap opera slap on the face.  
Soon enough, my friends developed a mnemonic device to avoid miss targeting a message! They have noticed that deaf ear side is marked by a second earring -true to 90s de-rigor style.  Avoid that side, and the message will be received!

Fast forward to 2014 and notice how many jewelry designers now offer a single earring for sale.  

Friends everywhere aim well!

diamond and gold cuff                    safety pin                                    crystal cuff



Time and Big City Life

People are always rushing to get somewhere, especially in New York. Stop and enjoy the moment, look around you; look up, down, and sideways. Take a mental picture, close your eyes and try to imagine everything you just saw, then open them, and you’ll realize how much you have been missing.

“Forever is composed of nows”
- Emily Dickinson