Masks: Do they conceal or do they reveal?

In a crucial experiment meant to contradict the popular belief that when we wear masks we are hiding while not showing our true self,  I took it upon myself to prove that we sometimes err on the side of rationality.  After much deliberating, I came to the conclusion that the complete opposite is true.  

Well, try it out.  Mask up yourself -if you actually do, you´ll make it to my top 5 favorite people in the world.  In any case, I am afraid that you would be revealing much more about yourself than what you´d care to conceal.

Take a look at Exhibit A:  Yeah, so you can´t see that I am wearing no makeup and that I am practicing my silent tantrum cringe but still, you are not missing anything substantial.  In fact, I think I am revealing more of my true self when concealed in costume than by uniforming myself.  

That is what fashion means to me.  It´s not a disguise, it´s a revelation.  Un-spoken, meaningful, courageously open to interpretation and misinterpretation as well. 
Besides, to hide in uniformity would mean that there is something we are not willing to share.  And along these lines, the reason we don´t show more is often a fear to reveal our imperfections while opening ourselves up to judgement.  

The thing is, the more I think about it, the more I realize that some of my favorite concepts are based on "imperfections" and when you ally your natural faults with man-made/creative imperfections you truly express your Self.

Your allies:

black and white

Can you think of any?

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