Despite a substantial generational divide and the supposed role-play that her status required, my grandmother was the source of many lessons on  childish behavior.  

Due to her influence, I am still barred from the "foodie club"  as my acquired lowbrow diet choices refrain me from membership.    Feasting on toast with sweetened condensed milk for lunch, fried plantain chips with butter and salt as a snack, and eating an entire watermelon for detox are not exactly cordon bleu worthy.  

My infantile taste buds aside, I  also had the pleasure to travel with her. On trips to New York she taught me to visit Rockefeller Center upon arrival because "we ought to let him know we are in town." I concurred just on the premise that this sounded so lavish and consequential; maybe an invitation to cocktails would follow.  

Try using a sheer beach caftan as a dress and cover up with an oversized blazer.

The most immediately gratifying of all the schemes she taught me was the one where you stand on a busy pedestrian street corner and look up.  If you feel like giving your inner child a stroll just get into position, look up, and find a focal point in the architecture.  You will notice that in less that a minute, several passers-by would have joined you as their curiosity betrays them.

                                                                                                               Gino Rovetto FotografĂ­a

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