Fashionable things to do before you die...

fotos Sergio Veranes

Stroll around in a museum and stay to draw your favorite painting or sculpture
Pose for a beach photoshoot
Wear statement sunglasses often
Wear all black (tights and all) for a night out in a gorgeous city
Wear a turban for a simple outing like having coffee
Wear flats with a glorious evening dress
Have a favorite church
Have a favorite classic book
Have a favorite poem
Always carry your Kindle 
Send Thank-You notes
Get into the habit of wearing hats
Never quit the search for the perfect red lipstick and, when found, use it often
Never quit the search for the perfect white button down shirt
Never quit the search for the perfect men´s blazer; leave it a bit oversized but have the shoulders tailored 
Make a painting, frame it, and hang it somewhere in your house
Have a signature recipe (not easy for me to say)
Know how to drive a stick shift
Know how to mix your favorite cocktail
Learn how to ride a horse
Learn how to take good pictures
Learn how to greet in several languages
Never stop learning
Dance whenever possible

I must be missing more of these, so if you can think of any, do let them be known!


  1. Love them all. I would add using a perfume when appropriate, taking showers often, and wearing spf daily (a bad tan is never fashionable)