I was gathering steam and about to take off and get rid of the most uncomfortable pair of earrings.  Meanwhile, the insensitive fashion victim in me kept screaming "no pain no gain!"  This "victimI have to deal with behaves like those unharmed boxing trainers, who stand in the corner holding a Q-tip while forcing the boxer to continue the fight with one functioning eye.  Besides, I was really excited when I found these coins while digging inside my jewelry box (that is a figure of speech, it´s really my jewelry tupperware bin) because I meant to create a Dolce and Gabbana inspired look.  Regardless, I was about to pull the trigger on them because the pain was just too much.  Right before I could execute the deed, I heard my dress screaming "me, me, me!"  

It´s an old trick of the trade to use earrings in dresses and shoes but in the heat of the moment we tend to forget.  

Do you have voices that scream at you or should I get that checked?     

Photo credits to my sis, Carmen Mouynes.

Pale yellow travel pouch used as a wristlet
Earrings: Felix seasons ago (if it´s not current and it´s not vintage is it just old?).
Shoes: Dolce and Gabbana seasons ago.
Sunglasses: Zara.

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