When I go shopping I tend to get carried away by clothes that are really special but I´ve noticed that this can lead to the "nothing-to-wear-blues".  For a normal outing or errand, I end up with ab-so-efing-lutely nothing to wear.  The thing is, to me, the word basic has huge uniform-y or boring connotation that has taken me a while to overcome.  It´s not like high school anymore.  Back then, wearing the school uniform was mandatory, allowing me to focus on the crazy-out-there pieces.  I would take the school emblem anywhere that basic attire was in call, i.e. dentist appointments, family dinners, Sunday mass, and the occasional date that didn´t quite deserve the thought process or expenditure of a cool outfit.

To discipline myself and allocate resources wisely (monetary that is), I try to follow an 80/20 rule.  It states I should spend 80% of my money on pieces that I´ll wear 80% of the time and 20% on pieces I´ll wear the other, fun-but-less-frequent times.    

Even though I´m getting better at it and enjoying it more, the process is still like a rehab exercise; it follows the twelve steps, recites the serenity prayer, and suffers the occasional relapse.   

Shirt dress Cheap Monday from La Botica and horn cuff from Argentina.


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