Sport Trend for the TENNIS FAN

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As a thirty something I can attest, reality bites.  It is imperative to keep hemlines and punk-ness in the correct end of the spectrum.  Forever 21 is no longer targeting me as a customer but I am still agile enough to go inside while staying out of the trenches as bully rants crossfire between the crop tops and neon aisles.  

Dressing young, but not junior-esque, must be a thought-out process.  When in doubt, I always turn to my caped hero, Mr. Black.  Since black is the undisputed commander of elegance, then make the call and interpret the younger trend with black... or white, I love white.



Cristy in da houz!

I am excited to have Cristina Arias as guest collaborator in the blog! She is a photographer and will be posting pics to share her unique vision.

Make sure you come by during the next few weeks to check out her work!


MINOR ADJUSTMENTS: Layer With A Shirt Dress

fotos Gino Rovetto

Ground level
Optional Layers
Short sleeve jacket -fits the bill if you are not convinced of doing the shirt-dress-as-layer thing



Source: Wikipedia

I am the groupie with a sexy pseudonym in Gravity´s Fan Club and signing up to go to the moon would be a complete abomination of my values and treason could get me expelled.  I, however, would definitely  sign up for the focus group that gets to test drive these.  The thing is, by the time I load up the cash to buy the Google Glasses by Diane Von Furstenberg, I might be on the laggards segment of the adoption cycle. 

Can´t wait to take pictures of whatever I set my eyes balls on, although I´m still not sure that these are nice-looking after  all.

What do you say?



Commission one or more of these if any, out of the 5 statements below, apply to you:

Currently feeling stuck on a gift idea
You want to make a great keepsake from pictures of your kids
You own a great fashion photograph
Feel in need of an ego boost
Your zodiac sign is Leo



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Sometimes dressing up involves pleasing a creative impulse regardless of whether others will like it or not.  

I truly appreciate people who's style is a reflection of their own personal aesthetic and who have a mechanism to accept and reject trends depending on how the newness applies to them (regardless of whether I like it or not).

Sorry I must apologize, that's BS, that´s not how I think "sometimes,"  it´s  how I think all the time!    


Masks: Do they conceal or do they reveal?

In a crucial experiment meant to contradict the popular belief that when we wear masks we are hiding while not showing our true self,  I took it upon myself to prove that we sometimes err on the side of rationality.  After much deliberating, I came to the conclusion that the complete opposite is true.  

Well, try it out.  Mask up yourself -if you actually do, you´ll make it to my top 5 favorite people in the world.  In any case, I am afraid that you would be revealing much more about yourself than what you´d care to conceal.

Take a look at Exhibit A:  Yeah, so you can´t see that I am wearing no makeup and that I am practicing my silent tantrum cringe but still, you are not missing anything substantial.  In fact, I think I am revealing more of my true self when concealed in costume than by uniforming myself.  

That is what fashion means to me.  It´s not a disguise, it´s a revelation.  Un-spoken, meaningful, courageously open to interpretation and misinterpretation as well. 
Besides, to hide in uniformity would mean that there is something we are not willing to share.  And along these lines, the reason we don´t show more is often a fear to reveal our imperfections while opening ourselves up to judgement.  

The thing is, the more I think about it, the more I realize that some of my favorite concepts are based on "imperfections" and when you ally your natural faults with man-made/creative imperfections you truly express your Self.

Your allies:

black and white

Can you think of any?



The hot and the cold are both so intense
Put´ em together -it just makes sense!

Frozen "In Summer" Lyrics


Fashionable things to do before you die...

fotos Sergio Veranes

Stroll around in a museum and stay to draw your favorite painting or sculpture
Pose for a beach photoshoot
Wear statement sunglasses often
Wear all black (tights and all) for a night out in a gorgeous city
Wear a turban for a simple outing like having coffee
Wear flats with a glorious evening dress
Have a favorite church
Have a favorite classic book
Have a favorite poem
Always carry your Kindle 
Send Thank-You notes
Get into the habit of wearing hats
Never quit the search for the perfect red lipstick and, when found, use it often
Never quit the search for the perfect white button down shirt
Never quit the search for the perfect men´s blazer; leave it a bit oversized but have the shoulders tailored 
Make a painting, frame it, and hang it somewhere in your house
Have a signature recipe (not easy for me to say)
Know how to drive a stick shift
Know how to mix your favorite cocktail
Learn how to ride a horse
Learn how to take good pictures
Learn how to greet in several languages
Never stop learning
Dance whenever possible

I must be missing more of these, so if you can think of any, do let them be known!



Despite a substantial generational divide and the supposed role-play that her status required, my grandmother was the source of many lessons on  childish behavior.  

Due to her influence, I am still barred from the "foodie club"  as my acquired lowbrow diet choices refrain me from membership.    Feasting on toast with sweetened condensed milk for lunch, fried plantain chips with butter and salt as a snack, and eating an entire watermelon for detox are not exactly cordon bleu worthy.  

My infantile taste buds aside, I  also had the pleasure to travel with her. On trips to New York she taught me to visit Rockefeller Center upon arrival because "we ought to let him know we are in town." I concurred just on the premise that this sounded so lavish and consequential; maybe an invitation to cocktails would follow.  

Try using a sheer beach caftan as a dress and cover up with an oversized blazer.

The most immediately gratifying of all the schemes she taught me was the one where you stand on a busy pedestrian street corner and look up.  If you feel like giving your inner child a stroll just get into position, look up, and find a focal point in the architecture.  You will notice that in less that a minute, several passers-by would have joined you as their curiosity betrays them.

                                                                                                               Gino Rovetto FotografĂ­a



Fashion is giving us another chance.  The wings that Icarus squandered are being handed to us, giving us the ability to take flight again!  I searched Wikipedia to get the story straight.  In short, the thing is, Icarus was handed a pair of wings to make a great escape.   He was warned to only fly in between the sea and the sun; i.e. between the waters of complacency and the heat of overconfidence, but he got carried away.  He reached for the skies and the Sun melted his wings.  

All I can do is pray: "Aphrodite, Goddess of love, beauty, desire and pleasure, please, please, please, I promise I´ll fly right in the middle.  I will kinda like myself, but not too much, and I will give myself a push everyday... now, are they in my oracular prophesy?"



Sacrificing style for comfort is something we must learn to do.  Injury, hospitalization, sleep deprivation, living in a house full of boys who are holding the elevator while you just stepped into the shower, are somewhat valid excuses for leaving the house looking messy.  

Owning a pair of comfortable but edgy looking soles will glide you to the next level on style graphs, even under desperate circumstances, giving you the option of being comfortable without necessarily sacrificing style.  If I were you,  I´d take advantage of your good health and the current sneaker-birkenstock-slip-on-shoe-trend to make a wardrobe update.



2. Goyard Saint Sulpice at Barneys, email for inquiries   
3. local pottery studio   4. initial keychain

I am going to randomly throw these in because they are fantastic.  

The linen shirt is from Uniqlo, they have it in every color, it has a great price and fit.  

For the whimsical dude, these cufflinks are essential.    

Because boys will be boys, the father and son shave set is imperative.  

And last but not least, a more expensive buy, but a seriously stylish one.  The Jack Spade briefcase is the perfect balance of casual and business to a the point it might not be apt for workaholics.



What used to be a somewhat derogatory term defined by lack of creativity to put up a mixed-up outfit is now exactly the opposite!

Wrap up in prints and try it out for a high impact look.

inthecitywithcrystalin.tumblr.com (link not working)