Lets face it.  No more denying the fact that overalls are making a comeback.  I can repeat all the psycho-babble on how to deal with situations that trigger past issues like:  ¨It´s not your fault; you will get through this; talk to me;  and, how did that make you feel?¨  But really, let´s jump in instead.  Forget that the last time these came around you were in a God-awful pre-adolescent morph stage, and the ¨they´re comfortable¨ excuse you pulled off a decade ago to justify wearing them.  Why would anybody think it is comfortable to answer ¨the call of nature¨ in these? Who ever convinced me that these were ideal for pre-carnival festivities, where one had to ¨go¨ completely naked while drunk in a portable bathroom?  Sorry, nasty flashback, never mind.  Now, there are two choices.  Take it or leave it.  If you do decide to try them out, I think the pointy heel does wonders for the look.  

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