Being the last to know about something that affects your life has carried along the insulting quality of a obstructed truth.  The owner of the story must hold the maturity of a deity to confront the decision of telling or not the news to affected party, and then, the courage to withstand the consequence of either choice.  The reason is that the truth bearer does´t know how the taker, will take it.  Those ghosts are not for the bearer to bear, as soon as the truth is told, the demons belong to the taker.  Better be safe than condescending.

We have all been the last to know.  Some one has, at one or many, points in our lives, concealed or ill-timed a tactful truth from us...

you have something on your lip.
your boyfriend cheated on you.
you don´t take your drinks too well.
the surgery is too risky.
you are getting fired.
you are getting the job.
your parents are getting a divorce.
you look older in that outfit.
your kid is flunking the grade.

Today, I feel like being the last to know.  I don´t feel like making a decision, of feeling disappointed by any one I trust under the current unexposed circumstances,  I don´t feel like being scared, nor exited, I don´t feel like change, today... If there is something I must know, please wait until tomorrow.


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