(At my first attempt of a selfie... I don´t think this pic makes the cut, but you get the picture -pun intended).  

In fashion, I usually fall in love at second or third sight while the first sight gets the most awful commentary.  Suddenly, without notice to buckle up, I feel a swift move from the black spot to the white area in the spectrum.  It is so confusing!  I find myself infatuated by something I called nasty and ugly two seconds ago!  As a daughter of the eighties and nineties, I´ve broken many of the decades hate spells: aversion to white shoes, gold jewelry, cropped socks, amongst others.  So I´ve had my dose of black to white experiences.  That being said, I never saw this one coming: the color pink.  I stood my black ground on this one forever, attesting a hate that equals ¨x¨ to a huge number on the top right corner.  All of the sudden, I cannot get enough of the pepto bismol, bubble gum, girly-girl hue.  

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