My son Daniel just told he wants to go to his grandfather, Nono´s house because he hasn´t seen him since he and grandma Abi, came back from a long trip.  I gushed! At him, at the big boy he is, and at the realization that somehow my parenting has anything to do with this amazing kid!  He left and came back with a wrapped box and told me in it was an old Blackberry phone he got from his dad who gave it to him sans battery, nor chip, and in no reparable state for him to pretend-play.  ‟I have to take this to Nono´s house” he said.  This boy is killing me! He is so cute, he is taking a self-wrapped gift to Nono and it´s one of his favorite toys.  I saw the box with all it´s messy, 7-year-old-boy-folds and knew they were a symbol of dedication, intent, and love for his grandfather.  Well, it all came tumbling after quicker than you can say abracadabra.  Danny informed me that he wants Nono, the magician that entertains all his grandkids with amazing tricks, to turn what´s inside the box into an IPhone 5, with battery, and functioning chip.  I asked my humorous side to jump in, but my ego was to blown up for that.  I had a son that seemed to care so much for his grandparents and he became one that pulls all the stops for an IPhone 5.  I am relieved to think that all this validates Nono as a superb magician, so it´s his fault too.  

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  1. Que risa el cuento!! Hay los niƱos y la tecnologia...! Preciosas las prendas, la clutch is to die for!!