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Vionnet Runway Show Spring 2014

I have an aunt who is an animal whisperer.  I will offer no further explanation, nor a list of miracle encounters I, myself, have witnessed.  I won´t spell them out because you´ll come up with different reasons for why these things ended up happening, detracting from the truth that she is, in fact, an animal whisperer.  What she murmured after one of these mystical interactions with a dolphin, is what really caught my attention.  She said, ‟in my heaven I will be surrounded by animals, and I will talk to them all day, and laugh, and be so happy.”  Wait a minute, so she has her own heaven? Designed by her and in accordance with her earthly thrills? I love her, but I really hope we don´t share a heaven.  I am terrified of animals, and from what I understand, heaven is not a place to be terrified (assuming I´ll even go there, in case I don´t deserve it so much, I guess I would prefer the animal door than the really hot alternative).  

Years have passed and I, as well, have often contemplated how I would like my heaven to be.  It´s always a messy account, kind of how you´d describe a dream in the morning when you listen to yourself and you don´t make as much sense as you´d like.  There´s a beach, couture, and some dancing  going on... I love my husband and kids and I´d like to be with them, but there must be a place, like the living room, that leads to all our heavens.  I don´t think I am inconsiderate enough to trap other people in my heaven and not let them make up their own happy afterlife. 

Well, today I saw this video, and I can say: I know what I´m going to be wearing in my heaven.  I know this because I contemplated a premature departure from this gravity laden place to be there just one minute.  If it seems banal to you, please don´t judge!  Be grateful that I am giving you the itch to pick your heaven without reserve and go for it! 

Please share if you have a heaven.

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