Vintage Men´s Kimono
 Iconic Boutique Paige Motorcycle Jeans
Felix gold clutch.

I was going out to a casual dinner and I had a case of the "what-to-wear blues."  As I tried to pull myself out of there with my regular M.O., which is to accessorize boldly, I threw on a beautiful Kimono.  This antique had been waiting to be installed as art in my apartment for years.  But for now, this guy  is going out on the town!  

Look for Kimonos to layer up in Spring and to wear with shorts and show off your worldly aesthetic!

According to Freudian psychology, coincidences don´t exist.  An "Aha moment" happened when I noticed my sudden and consistent inclination towards the Asian.  The truth is, I picked up this outfit after falling in love with a Geisha sculpture by Mozart Guerra at Mateo Sariel Art Gallery earlier in the day.  Sushi anyone?

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