In Panama, although we don´t change our wardrobe due to seasonality cues, we must definitely take advantage of spring and summer trends to update our look.  The charts indicate juicy colors are a must but before we stock up on citrus, lets build up the basics first.  We must never ignore that seasons have defining shapes as well, so a word on that follows.

Boxy dolman sleeved tops are giving the body a fresh silhouette.  These, adopted and paired with chunky rubber platforms, will give your look a quick update and launch you into modernity by sheer use of proportions.  Points if fabric stiffens the look by way of jacquards, brocades, or neoprene.
Robert Clergerie Vicole Raffia Wedges

Artfully pick dresses and bottoms with an interest; meaning look for a special cut or some sort of fabric appeal.  Mixed media and mixed print is strong in dresses, skirts, and pants so keep an eye out for those.  Long skirts remain strong but pair them up with an unexpected sneaker to change the california-look to a more grunge expression.
Alice McCall Monte Carlo Peach Dress

I cannot continue and leave the cropped-top talk out, so hear me out.  If you are young, by all means show off your trashy side and abs every chance you get! Seriously, pull out the scissors and go for it, you´re running out of time!  If you are on the gotta-be-modest scale but still young or have the body to pull it off, do this: incorporate the crop for cocktail or evening looks.  As contradictory as this might seem, the elegance of fabrics and cut will elevate the look and give it a certain je ne sais quoi.  Make sure the bottom is slightly high waisted to above the navel and the top is a tad loose.  This tailoring, will not only make the look superbly elegant, but it will also balance the bust-to-hip ratio and give you an hourglass silhouette.       

The word on accesories is to make them your go-to ally in going out of the box.  Flower or colorful canvas slip-on sneakers and espadriles will do the trick.
Athropologie Distilled Sneakers

Rubber-platform anything; sandals, oxfords, heels.  Mirror mirror on my shoe... trending tear-jerking mirror metallics on leather shoes and accessories.
Nasty Gal Bianca Sandals

The edgy nature of fashion right now has translated into jewelry by mean of cuffed earrings and phalange rings.  Here, opt for the inexpensive variety unless you are edgy by nature, in which case, make it your investment piece and look for a really cool treasure.
BENTbyVictoria midi ring set on Etsy

Color-wise you are safe sticking to the blue spectrum but to be daring go for fifty shades of pink.
Charlotte Olympia Arm Candy Perplex Clutch 

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