Let start this one knowing we might loose... Kids will gravitate towards the ugliest looking things and hold on to them dearly while we look at them incredulously thinking that maybe that thing is possessed.  How can such feelings of joy, wonder, friendship, and security be brought by a plastic face with an overzealous smile and frenzied hair? Or, by something that at first sight looks like he is into carrying around missing parts.  And don't get me started on the ‟blankie” because those have gained the zeal of approval of psychologists but they must be as antigenic as weapons of mass destruction.  At all cost lets not be part of the problem.  We have to swear to secrecy and join our efforts for this to stop.  Let´s be the incredible mom, dad, aunt, or uncle that shall plant these instead;  soft, cuddly, pleasing to the eye, and earth friendly.  This is how we must do this.  First, awwws and ahhhss have to be suppressed in front of the kids as any indication of our approval will scare them off.  Then, as soon we can tell one of these endured past their short attention spams, join the little ones in naming them and make up the best brainwash of all: stories, and stories, and more stories!!
Bambi by Atelier Atsuyo el Akiko 
Bla Bla Knit Dolls
Uglydoll Plush
Land of Nod Plushy Python
Land of Nod Wee Wonderful Elephant

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