Meaningful gifting is an idea most of us aspire to.  Sometimes it´s attainable and other times its pretty darn difficult.  I was trying to find a gift and my head was where we´ve all been before.  That place where we utter phrases like: I don´t know that person so well, his or her tastes are so different from mine, that person always buys what ever he or she wants, and so on.  Even if we are certain of what want, maybe its too late, too expensive, or that thing simply does´t exist.   

I remembered this beautiful place I had visited before.  It is beautiful in the way The Little Mermaid Ariel found her cave and her trinkets beautiful.  Full of art, antiques, and relics that should be object of reverence of a time gone by and a future that should welcome them.  

Vist Weil Art in Bella Vista on 48th Street next to La Trona Restaurant.


Cocobolo Guardians, beautifully elongated and slender sculptures that stand guard
 and symbolize protection

Panama Canal Bond with Le Petit Prince Art and Wooden Panama Hat.

Panama Canal Bonds painted and printed on transparent medium.


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