1.  Kelly Wearstler Bayliss Necklace

Sometimes lines are crossed, but lets find a way of staying on the blurry side of trashy.  Lips are having a maccabre impact on style.  Items that evoke some sort of dark imagery are not new.  Just recently, we´ve seen skulls, guns, and handcuffs showing up in design.

But really, if someone of the stature of Kelly Wearstler is throwing those out there, I think we are safe, as long as we use them sparingly and tastefully.  For example, the clutch above is to be worn with a white constructed suit or dress for a truly well composed style.  Half elegant-half provocative.  

In terms of accesories, Alice Hubert, the french designer and creator of "La Fumeuse," did this a while ago.  Her pieces are custom and transcend the trend gracefully.

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