I live a constant struggle between being a compulsive ‟de-cluterrer”  and an obsessive collector.  In the end my compulsive side almost always wins.  Although, getting rid of stuff has certainly given me the skills to edit, I am coldly aware that someday I might mourn over objects of sentimental value. 

When I get the urge to curate my closet (to add panache) I can taste the relief, yet it is overshadowed by fear of what lies ahead.  I fight the urge to begin the process, but the more I do, the worse the damage.  If I resist too much, the whip-lash effect of The Procrastinator manifests itself in the middle of the night.  The urgency of a past due date might convince me to throw everything away and opt for a Buddhist lifestyle. I am trying to avoid an ordeal that makes me lose myself in time and crushes my ego.

The euphoric moment that makes all this worthwhile happens when I look over at the Keep Pile, with its glorious purses, clothes, scarves, and shoes, to realize that these relics can be translated into today's style code with elated authenticity and sentiment.  

Crossbody Gucci bag in floral canvas.  
Current opportunity to mix prints, in all denim look, or paired with colored blazer. 

Gucci Bag in lizard skin.
With all white look and black or pewter jewelry.

Malene Birger clutch.
Perfect jacquard fabric for interest. 

Mercedes Riano
 It´s pink!

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