So we are huge Easter Bunny fans in my house!  My parenting style is to shy away from the debate of whether to celebrate this super important Christian Holiday in a more, well Christian way, or the more commercial way... I just suggest, as always, do a bit of both!  I will wake up early and covertly plant the basket, the chocolate, and the dyed eggs, but I will also read to my kids the story of Easter using age-appropriate books (The Easter Story, What Is Easter?).  Why not make the most of a magical day to stimulate spirituality, taking advantage of the innocence that makes kids believe bunnies hide eggs, to explain who Jesus is and why he resurrected.  Besides, I won´t deny that, I too, get a kick out of playing the CIA agent on a mission.



Sorry for going extreme on the tile, but is there another way of calling a pair of gold diaper pins gone... well, badass?  This is a Cameo dress from Uber Shop Panama with huge lapels that go way down to a poplin.   All black, all cut, and the pins are just right in terms of accessories.  With really modern pieces I try to accessorize cautiously (not necesarily sparingly) because any mishaps will make the piece loose its edge and the look to seem dated.

Is there something in your baby jewelry case that might work today? An idea is to try out one of those tiny studs, use a single one, and pair it with a hoop in the same metal color... Have fun!




Three months have gone by and I am still not able to pull the trigger on a clutch that I´d like.  Ok, not exactly.  I like too many! So choosing one became a rather scientific endeavor.  After I narrowed down what I didn´t want, the choice was not getting any easier.  I was to steer away from the too-seasonal rafia, from anything close to being an evening clutch, and stand guard of the lethal uniform-match-with-anything piece.  Not soon enough, I caught myself missing the point!  I was engulfed in a cold process devoid of the whimsy and spontaneity.  The scariest I felt of my draconian attitude was when I was looking at the fabulous and literary Olympia Le Tan clutches.  I was actually considering the color schemes and limited quantities of the models.  I mean these are beauties in their own right, and favoring solely by color combo is the exact equivalent of reading book because the cover matches your outfit.



I used to travel for business and roomed with fabulous girls whom I now call friends.  Traveling and rooming together tests a handful of character traits and teaches you al lot about other people´s patience, packing modes, timing, and general customs.
For instance, one of my usual roomies would go to the nines with her pajamas.  I´m telling you, full nightgown and matching robe.  Items that, to me, belonged in a honey moon paraphernalia kit, not a business trip.  While I was in my worn out t-shirt and boxer shorts, I felt envious of her luxurious and stylish after-hours repertoire.  But how could I pull off this elevated state of sleep attire? Will I miss-match the gown-to-robe look in the first pull of the drawer?  Is this behavior sustainable?  In my mind I had the peasant-to-princess conundrum played out every time we roomed.  I decided to try it out slowly, but got carried away by the soft silks and imperative to pretend I always cared so much.  So I bought 3 bags full of pastel and lace fabric.  To be honest, I´ve never looked back.  I don´t miss my old attire at all.  So I curtsy to my friend who taught me that what you wear can take you to a dream land, even in between the sheets.  




Cerro Ancón, Iglesia de la Merced, Video Efecto Dominó de Jonathan Harker y Donna Conlon.

Jean Jacques Ribi and my shadow

Myopic Lens shooting

Crossed eyed

Water bottles and the moon

Sewing fashion Mola Shorts

Studs on green, white and red

For the love of stripes!!

La Buat



 1.  Kelly Wearstler Bayliss Necklace

Sometimes lines are crossed, but lets find a way of staying on the blurry side of trashy.  Lips are having a maccabre impact on style.  Items that evoke some sort of dark imagery are not new.  Just recently, we´ve seen skulls, guns, and handcuffs showing up in design.

But really, if someone of the stature of Kelly Wearstler is throwing those out there, I think we are safe, as long as we use them sparingly and tastefully.  For example, the clutch above is to be worn with a white constructed suit or dress for a truly well composed style.  Half elegant-half provocative.  

In terms of accesories, Alice Hubert, the french designer and creator of "La Fumeuse," did this a while ago.  Her pieces are custom and transcend the trend gracefully.


SPRING 2014 COLOR BOARD: Inspiration from the tennis court

My highly addictive personality has finally landed me on a healthy hobby.  It does not involve spending too much money, shrink sessions, or weird looks from some of my friends that literally say 
"are you still smoking?"  I play tennis... a lot.  And to be a tad corny, the sport is a family legacy of people that have come before me.  Some of them played pretty well and others have even built themselves a tennis court wherever they move.  I would say shrink sessions apply to the latter, but really, nobody is getting hurt.



Allow myself, to contradict... myself.  I never thought I´d pseudo-quote Austin Powers.  But then again, I am telling you I will contradict myself.  For this guy, I skip my java.  There I said it.   He truly  is the only antidote to my coffee withdrawal effect.  The power of comedy in the voice of Sedaris can make you do that.   This book, aside from being in many best-books-to-read lists, should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  I believe that as soon as we take each other a bit less seriously, many, if not all, world issues will end.
p.s. I´m not a fan of heart shapes.



I would be adorned in every color, every hue, surrounded by nature, and blown by the wind.  Speed and friction would make me pop, turn me into mist, and I would become a memory of joy and effervescence.



Vintage Men´s Kimono
 Iconic Boutique Paige Motorcycle Jeans
Felix gold clutch.

I was going out to a casual dinner and I had a case of the "what-to-wear blues."  As I tried to pull myself out of there with my regular M.O., which is to accessorize boldly, I threw on a beautiful Kimono.  This antique had been waiting to be installed as art in my apartment for years.  But for now, this guy  is going out on the town!  

Look for Kimonos to layer up in Spring and to wear with shorts and show off your worldly aesthetic!

According to Freudian psychology, coincidences don´t exist.  An "Aha moment" happened when I noticed my sudden and consistent inclination towards the Asian.  The truth is, I picked up this outfit after falling in love with a Geisha sculpture by Mozart Guerra at Mateo Sariel Art Gallery earlier in the day.  Sushi anyone?



I don´t know if I should spill this out...  But as I take my time with the three second rule, maybe one of you might not let it slip through your grip! I cannot think of a better bag for now and for later! For sure PVC will fade out, but if you are into collecting handbags this is THE way to do the clear bag.



Meaningful gifting is an idea most of us aspire to.  Sometimes it´s attainable and other times its pretty darn difficult.  I was trying to find a gift and my head was where we´ve all been before.  That place where we utter phrases like: I don´t know that person so well, his or her tastes are so different from mine, that person always buys what ever he or she wants, and so on.  Even if we are certain of what want, maybe its too late, too expensive, or that thing simply does´t exist.   

I remembered this beautiful place I had visited before.  It is beautiful in the way The Little Mermaid Ariel found her cave and her trinkets beautiful.  Full of art, antiques, and relics that should be object of reverence of a time gone by and a future that should welcome them.  

Vist Weil Art in Bella Vista on 48th Street next to La Trona Restaurant.


Cocobolo Guardians, beautifully elongated and slender sculptures that stand guard
 and symbolize protection

Panama Canal Bond with Le Petit Prince Art and Wooden Panama Hat.

Panama Canal Bonds painted and printed on transparent medium.




I live a constant struggle between being a compulsive ‟de-cluterrer”  and an obsessive collector.  In the end my compulsive side almost always wins.  Although, getting rid of stuff has certainly given me the skills to edit, I am coldly aware that someday I might mourn over objects of sentimental value. 

When I get the urge to curate my closet (to add panache) I can taste the relief, yet it is overshadowed by fear of what lies ahead.  I fight the urge to begin the process, but the more I do, the worse the damage.  If I resist too much, the whip-lash effect of The Procrastinator manifests itself in the middle of the night.  The urgency of a past due date might convince me to throw everything away and opt for a Buddhist lifestyle. I am trying to avoid an ordeal that makes me lose myself in time and crushes my ego.

The euphoric moment that makes all this worthwhile happens when I look over at the Keep Pile, with its glorious purses, clothes, scarves, and shoes, to realize that these relics can be translated into today's style code with elated authenticity and sentiment.  

Crossbody Gucci bag in floral canvas.  
Current opportunity to mix prints, in all denim look, or paired with colored blazer. 

Gucci Bag in lizard skin.
With all white look and black or pewter jewelry.

Malene Birger clutch.
Perfect jacquard fabric for interest. 

Mercedes Riano
 It´s pink!



In Panama, although we don´t change our wardrobe due to seasonality cues, we must definitely take advantage of spring and summer trends to update our look.  The charts indicate juicy colors are a must but before we stock up on citrus, lets build up the basics first.  We must never ignore that seasons have defining shapes as well, so a word on that follows.

Boxy dolman sleeved tops are giving the body a fresh silhouette.  These, adopted and paired with chunky rubber platforms, will give your look a quick update and launch you into modernity by sheer use of proportions.  Points if fabric stiffens the look by way of jacquards, brocades, or neoprene.
Robert Clergerie Vicole Raffia Wedges

Artfully pick dresses and bottoms with an interest; meaning look for a special cut or some sort of fabric appeal.  Mixed media and mixed print is strong in dresses, skirts, and pants so keep an eye out for those.  Long skirts remain strong but pair them up with an unexpected sneaker to change the california-look to a more grunge expression.
Alice McCall Monte Carlo Peach Dress

I cannot continue and leave the cropped-top talk out, so hear me out.  If you are young, by all means show off your trashy side and abs every chance you get! Seriously, pull out the scissors and go for it, you´re running out of time!  If you are on the gotta-be-modest scale but still young or have the body to pull it off, do this: incorporate the crop for cocktail or evening looks.  As contradictory as this might seem, the elegance of fabrics and cut will elevate the look and give it a certain je ne sais quoi.  Make sure the bottom is slightly high waisted to above the navel and the top is a tad loose.  This tailoring, will not only make the look superbly elegant, but it will also balance the bust-to-hip ratio and give you an hourglass silhouette.       

The word on accesories is to make them your go-to ally in going out of the box.  Flower or colorful canvas slip-on sneakers and espadriles will do the trick.
Athropologie Distilled Sneakers

Rubber-platform anything; sandals, oxfords, heels.  Mirror mirror on my shoe... trending tear-jerking mirror metallics on leather shoes and accessories.
Nasty Gal Bianca Sandals

The edgy nature of fashion right now has translated into jewelry by mean of cuffed earrings and phalange rings.  Here, opt for the inexpensive variety unless you are edgy by nature, in which case, make it your investment piece and look for a really cool treasure.
BENTbyVictoria midi ring set on Etsy

Color-wise you are safe sticking to the blue spectrum but to be daring go for fifty shades of pink.
Charlotte Olympia Arm Candy Perplex Clutch 





Let start this one knowing we might loose... Kids will gravitate towards the ugliest looking things and hold on to them dearly while we look at them incredulously thinking that maybe that thing is possessed.  How can such feelings of joy, wonder, friendship, and security be brought by a plastic face with an overzealous smile and frenzied hair? Or, by something that at first sight looks like he is into carrying around missing parts.  And don't get me started on the ‟blankie” because those have gained the zeal of approval of psychologists but they must be as antigenic as weapons of mass destruction.  At all cost lets not be part of the problem.  We have to swear to secrecy and join our efforts for this to stop.  Let´s be the incredible mom, dad, aunt, or uncle that shall plant these instead;  soft, cuddly, pleasing to the eye, and earth friendly.  This is how we must do this.  First, awwws and ahhhss have to be suppressed in front of the kids as any indication of our approval will scare them off.  Then, as soon we can tell one of these endured past their short attention spams, join the little ones in naming them and make up the best brainwash of all: stories, and stories, and more stories!!
Bambi by Atelier Atsuyo el Akiko 
Bla Bla Knit Dolls
Uglydoll Plush
Land of Nod Plushy Python
Land of Nod Wee Wonderful Elephant