So My daughter loves Kitty and I convinced myself that you can make anything turn up chic with one key focus and that is to keep it simple. Instead of the new color scheme of the stylish cat, I chose to use the classic blue jumper wearing, apple eating, outdoorsy feline. So, the color scheme turned out to be white, blue, red and some yellow.
My mother in law made the delicious and beautiful cake and all the yummy and great looking desserts are from Vanille.
The banner, the sunflowers, and the die cut bows are from Etsy.
Tabletop collection is from Target.
And the tablecloth, oohhh the puffy thousand-layer tule tablecloth, was made at Encajes y Manualidades.
The piñata was handmade by the ladies at the Instituto Panameño de Habilitación Especial located in Bethania. They make the most beautiful piñatas! They are carton sculptures in fact, so much so, that breaking them can spurt a heavy case of mixed feelings.. Oh well, I´ll recover.

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